Monday, August 4, 2008

This is the kind of dedication I'm talking about, you guys

From the news:

Man calls 911 over incorrect sandwich
Reginald Peterson called the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office in hopes that police could have his sandwich made to his satisfaction.
This gentleman has been wronged and he demands satisfaction!

ht: Molly


molly said...

and I in turn must hattip amanda, our most dedicated sandblog reader. as always, the tipline is open.

Amanda said...

at this point, i think it's appropriate to tell my recent subway tale:

Last week I went into the Subway on my block (grand and graham, BK). I order a turkey sand on honey oat with pickles and sweet peppers and mustard. when i got home and opened my sandwich...tuna on wheat with olives and extra mayo. It was just like this ep of This American Life: