Friday, December 5, 2008

You guys, things are changing you can't stop them

The Portland Mercury blog has tipped me off to some important new sandwich language; specifically: calling a sandwich a "sando". Now, listen. I know how you guys are. And for once, I don't want to get into a long thing about the shifting nature of language vs. the righteous strength of linguistic prescriptivism. All I'm saying is, I think calling a sandwich a sando is a pretty good idea.

Here's their post post about sandos, including a photo of some spaghetti sandos.


strach said...

Uh-oh, watch out for some REAL TALK:

"molly: sandos?! I am a traditionalist. I will take a stand.

"strach: listen, obviously when i'm talking to people of authority, like teachers or parents or doctors, i'm going to say "sandwich". but when i'm out having fun with my friends, i might just throw in a sando.

"molly: I will correct you."

It's important to learn that sometimes people disagree, and that's okay.

v.DANGER said...

The caption on the original blog post photo reads as follows:

"The spaghetti sando: another classic"

I have several problems with this caption. (1) There were no other "classics" mentioned in the blog post, so this isn't "another" classic. It's the first classic mentioned. (2) This is not a classic sandwich. Why? Because nobody has ever heard of it. (3) This sando looks gross.


fonzo said...

Sando? what kind of ridiculous name is that? I've always just called them bread-mitts.