Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sandwich Anomaly?

Today a coworker and friend of the sandblog (FoSB) brought his first contribution to the Sandwich Exchange Program, which is a great team-building activity for all workplaces populated by sandwich enthusiasts. Remarkably, the sandwiches we've exchanged have been of the vegetarian variety (the inaugural sandwich was a whimsical childhood favorite, tomato and mayonnaise on multigrain).

Based solely on Strach's penchant for delicious "salad sandwiches" you may think that all vegetarian sandwiches are made with health in mind. Well, today I enjoyed the benignly titled "Asparagus Sandwich," which is less about asparagus than it is about cream cheese (stuffed with it), butter (dipped in it), and Parmesan cheese (fried in it somehow). It was delicious and soul-crushing. So, gentle readers, if you like feeling like you're suffering from a mild yet sustained heart attack but you don't indulge in meats, this is the sandwich for you.


Amanda said...

So sandwiches in the sandwich exchange program have to be homemade?

Nechita said...

The asparagus sandwich sounds pretty great for a non-meat-based sandwich.