Friday, October 10, 2008

Sandwich Injuries

First of all, my apologies for the long absence from the Sandwich Blog. As most loyal readers know, I kick off every fall (generally considered "sandwich season") with an intense sandwich immersion workshop. You may remember that nearly all sandwich immersion programs demand at least a two-month commitment, but I was summarily ejected from the program this year under unpleasant circumstances beyond my control and which I find far too painful to discuss.

Which brings us to today's theme: sandwich calamity. Nobody likes to talk about the dark side of sandwich construction and consumption, but as with sandwiches, life, and love: sometimes things go horribly, shamefully, and frankly bizarrely wrong. Take for instance, this grill pan burn I acquired while making one of my favorite sandwiches, a grilled halloumi, broccoli rabe, and roasted tomato number on French country loaf:

You might say to yourself, "that grill pan burn is nothing," or "I've seen worse," or, "I'll show YOU a grill pan burn, Molly. Perhaps you remember when I lost my left arm in a deep fryer during a tandem Croque Monsieur demonstration. Or have you already forgotten you son of a bitch." Well, jesus CHRIST, soldier, don't you deserve a goddamn sandwich medal of honor. I'm just trying to get by here.

Anyway, readers, feel free to contribute your own harrowing tales of sandwich calamity, but be sure to include the type of sandwich you risked life and limb for.

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Amanda said...

I'll show YOU a grill pan burn, Molly.

Amanda said...

also, please, what is the address of the tipline??? I have so many god damned tips.