Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Knowledge Korner

Everyone knows that the food timeline is the most important website on the internet. That's a fact science proved a long time ago. But it's taken me this long to discover that they have a very thorough informational page about sandwiches. This page is legit. There is so much to learn on this page that I barely read it because I'm so lazy.

Particularly of note, they have a section on the Dagwood Sandwich, which might interest Danger, who goes around LA chasing a phantom Dagwood Sandwich he claims to have eaten once. It's his Moby Dick or something. (Whatever, I didn't read that either I'M SORRY.)

Anyway, this website needs more pictures and stories about actual sandwiches. Sorry everybody!

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fonzo said...

did you know that meat toppings on toast became fashionable during the 16th century ("Oxford Companion to Food")? Now who's the weirdo for wearing a laced ruff while cooking?