Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Danger Sandwich

The other day Danger invited me over to eat some of the "free" baguette he got from La Brea Bakery. (Yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking -- he stole it.)

He made this sandwich for me, with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and sundried tomato spread. When I saw him make it, I thought the sundried tomato spread was strawberry jelly. This seemed gross to me, but Danger is a refined gentleman, and I assumed this is how they do things at the fancy sandwich clubs he frequents. Not wanting to seem provincial, I was was all in for that crazy jelly and spinach sandwich, but was pleased to discover it was actually a good thing, and not a gross thing. Danger later lamented forgetting to put apple slices on the sandwich, but we've been over this.

This sandwich gesture ensures that Danger and I will remain, for at least one more day, at a cautious stalemate.

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