Thursday, March 6, 2008

Larchmont Wine & Cheese Sandwich

This is the tuna salad sandwich from neighborhood favorite, Larchmont Wine & Cheese shop. It comes with tuna, mixed greens, balsamic, tomato, and emmenthal cheese. (Seen here minus cheese.)

The awesome and retarded thing about the Larchmont Wine & Cheese tuna sandwich is that, of the 7 available sandwiches on the menu, they don't number this one because it is only available occasionally. You have to call ahead to check. I have not been able to conceive of any reason the ingredients in this sandwich would not be available to a sandwich shop every day of the week.

I also heard a story about someone going to Larchmont Wine & Cheese, and the people there said they couldn't make any sandwiches that day because they were out of bread. I like you, Larchmont Wine & Cheese, but sometimes you are an asshole.

This is a pretty good sandwich.



The Imp of the Perverse said...
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The Imp of the Perverse said...

I worked at Larchmont Wine & Cheese.

They owner's wife preps the tuna herself in the morning and can't do it every day. As for the bread, they have to order it fresh in the morning. Naturally, sometimes they run out.